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Westmount Wild Rugby

Westmount Wild Rugby

"Rhino Rugby has delivered top notch quality equipment with speed, professionalism and a keen eye for detail. The custom rugby balls that Rhino Rugby has developed for our club this Spring were put together after a few short consultations and exceeded our expectations in appearance, performance, and overall quality. The people that I have dealt with at Rhino Rugby USA have been incredible. They are accommodating, personable, and incredibly professional. Since our club has been using these custom balls, several coaches from other clubs have contacted us about how and where we were able to get these made. I have enthusiastically recommended Rhino Rugby to anyone inquiring." Alan Crooks Coach (Senior Boys Club and Girl's Club) Westmount Wild Rugby Club Westmount Charter School Calgary Alberta Canada

Custom Balls

Ben Meyers - St Louis Bombers Rugby Club

Ben Meyers - St Louis Bombers Rugby Club

At the St Louis Bombers Rugby Club, Rhino training equipment has become an integral part of all of our training sessions. As our club has grown and our training programs have developed, it has been important for us to find quality training equipment that is durable and could withstand the heavy hitting and hard use that comes with intensive rugby training, yet is comfortable to use and easy to handle. From hit shields and tackle bags to agility poles and rugby balls the well designed and high quality equipment has withstood the test of time against our hard hitting players. We are highly satisfied with the Rugby training products that Rhino has provided.

Ben Meyers

Roger Mazzarellka - Bowling Green State University

Roger Mazzarellka - Bowling Green State University

Thanks to a generous gift from our alumni, the Bowling Green State University Rugby Football Club was able to purchase a Rhino Premier Scrum Sled. Our previous sled was over 20 years old and in constant need of replacement pads and other minor repairs.

The Rhino Premier Sled represented such a tremendous upgrade both in the quality of the product and the results produced on the field that it well justified the price. Made of very heavy grade steel throughout it’s construction, repair will be a moot issue for a very long time to come. In addition, the bungee cord piston system is absolutely ingenious. Not only does it control some of the shock of the front row hitting the pads, but it can also be adjusted to match the weight, heft and experience of the eight forwards packing down against it. Our forwards have, to a man, declared the sled superior in every way.

Where we often had to cram 8-10 spare forwards and two cement filled tires on the old sled to get enough weight to push against, the Premier uses the two tires plus just two spare forwards. This would be an obvious help to clubs with smaller numbers of players.

Set on three steel clad “runners”, the sled does not tear up real grass and would slide easily without damaging artificial field turf. 

The cover is optional, but again well worth the price. Exposure to the elements is the cause of pad deterioration. The snugly fit cover, unlikely to blow off no matter how strong the wind, solves that problem.

We are not now nor ever have been a large forward pack, but have been able to beat larger packs because of superior technique. The Rhino Premier has gone a long way towards enabling us to defeat the larger packs. Call the scrum “deemphasized” if you will –but it remains a fact, however, that a superior set of forwards in the scrum is the pre- eminent intimidating factor in any rugby game.

Yes, there are less expensive scrum sleds, but as with everything else in this world – you get what you pay for. On that note, the BGSU RFC decided to purchase quality and results and therefore heartily endorses the Rhino Premier Scrum Sled.



Roger Mazzarellka

Director of Rugby

Bowling Green state University

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